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Monthly Financial Reports to be Placed on File


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Finance Committee

Ken Harris, Chair


Reports to be placed on file:



1.              Report from the Illinois Department of Revenue showing sales tax remitted to Will County for the month of December 2018 to be $1,782,380.35.  The RTA Tax received is $2,099,585.74. 

              $1,782,380.35 + $2,099,585.74 = $3,881,966.09


2.              Will County Monthly Treasurer Report dated January 31, 2019 from Will County Treasurer, Tim Brophy




Meeting History

Mar 21, 2019 9:30 AM  Will County Board Recessed Meeting
MOVER:Kenneth E. Harris, District 4 (D - Bolingbrook)
SECONDER:Beth Rice, District 3 (D - Bolingbrook)
AYES:Judy Ogalla, Laurie Summers, Amanda Koch, Jim Moustis, Donald A. Moran, Beth Rice, Kenneth E. Harris, Jacqueline Traynere, Gretchen Fritz, Meta Mueller, Donald Gould, Joe VanDuyne, Steve Balich, Mike Fricilone, Herbert Brooks Jr., Denise E. Winfrey, Annette Parker, Rachel Ventura, Gloria Dollinger, Tyler Marcum, Julie Berkowicz, Mimi Cowan, Tom Weigel, Mark Ferry, Tim Kraulidis
ABSENT:Ray Tuminello