Will County

Will County Resolution

Committing Funds for University of Illinois Cooperative Extension - FY 2018


Department:County Board AdminSponsors:


              WHEREAS, the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension provides educational services and programs to Will County residents, and


              WHEREAS, these educational services and programs are available countywide in the subject areas of agriculture, community resource development, 4-H/Youth, Home Economics and Horticulture, and


              WHEREAS, for Fiscal Year 2018 the County Board has pledged funds in the total amount of $35,000.00 to support this organization.


              NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Will County Board hereby authorizes the payment of $35,000.00 to the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension from the proceeds received from the Laraway Road Host Fee Agreement with Waste Management.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Preamble of this Resolution is hereby adopted as if fully set herein. This Resolution shall be in full force and effect upon its passage and approval as provided by law.

Meeting History

May 2, 2017 10:00 AM  WC Finance Committee Regular Meeting

Ms. Beth LaPlante of University of Illinois Extension stated I submitted a formal request asking for $50,000. We did received $30,000 from Will County for FY2017. We continue to struggle with our State funding. We are eligible for a match through legislation but we have not received any from the State money since FY15. We are short approximately $550,000; we had carryover to help. The State Extension Administration was able to move monies around to cover our work. We are still in the State's budget and have alternative routes to sustain if we don't receive the matching funds.

Mr. Fricilone stated for FY16 we committed $25,000 and $30,000 for this FY2017.

Ms. LaPlante pointed out that in FY15 the amount was $50,000.

Mr. Fricilone stated I am in favor of staying at the $30,000 amount.

Mrs. Traynere asked why don't we go back to the $50,000?

Mrs. Johannsen replied that was a one-time event. We have expended funds this year for $30,000. We had asked them to come back prior to setting the budget; this is for FY2018.

Mrs. Traynere stated of the three counties they service we are doing better economically.

Ms. LaPlante stated we receive $230,000 from Kankakee County because they have a referendum. Grundy County had sales tax problems and I am asking for $25,000; they had been donating between $40,000 and $50,000.

Mrs. Traynere stated I believe we should support them with our fair share. I don't think the request is out of line.

Mr. Harris asked does your budget include the state match?

Ms. LaPlante responded we continue to plan for and ask for the state match. We are not receiving it.

Mr. Bennefield stated I would agree to continue to make the contribution at $30,000.

Mrs. Dollinger stated I would be in favor of increasing the contribution; they do provide a great service for the county. They do so much in the community not serviced by other organizations. We also don't know if the state will make their match. What are the funds you are requesting going to be used for?

Ms. LaPlante responded to keep an office open. We have two full time employees, one part time person and over 200 volunteers. We touch every corner of the County. A brief overview of services was given.

Mrs. Staley-Ferry arrived at this juncture.

Ms. Nancy Kuhajda briefly explained the programs offered.

Mr. Fricilone stated we are not here to make up for what the State is not doing. I appreciate what the Extension does; but everybody is in the same boat. If we start doing that for the State; the State will decide to stop and let the County handle.

Mrs. Traynere stated costs are rising for multiple things in the County. Many of our vendors receive increases from the County. Why can't we consider an increase for this service?

Mr. Tuminello stated we have to be very careful and cognizant that the State is not doing their job. We cannot be the catch all for the State.

Ms. LaPlante continued last year at this time you did say that would try to continue to increase the amount by $5,000 each year. I think you are getting a great deal. I don't know if you appreciate the value we are across the County. I will still ask for the $50,000 or more next year. We appreciate your time.

May 4, 2017 10:00 AM  WC Executive Committee Assignment Meeting
May 18, 2017 9:30 AM  Will County Board Recessed Meeting
MOVER:Mike Fricilone, District 7 (R - Homer Glen)
SECONDER:Gloria Dollinger, District 10 (R - Joliet)
AYES:Judy Ogalla, Laurie Summers, Jim Moustis, Cory Singer, Donald A. Moran, Beth Rice, Kenneth E. Harris, Jacqueline Traynere, Darren Bennefield, Gretchen Fritz, Donald Gould, Debbie Militello, Steve Balich, Mike Fricilone, Herbert Brooks Jr., Denise E. Winfrey, Annette Parker, Lauren Staley-Ferry, Gloria Dollinger, Tyler Marcum, Suzanne Hart, Charles E. Maher, Ray Tuminello, Tom Weigel, Mark Ferry, Tim Kraulidis